Rugged Peninsula Playground

Taylor's Head, Nova Scotia

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This trail has been said to be one of the most picturesque coastal day hikes in Eastern North America and for good reason. The trails hug the coastline which runs through breathtaking natural habitats with various geological features. These various habitats make up a perfect environment for an abundance of flora and wildlife. Often seen on this hike are porcupines, seabirds, seals, and occasionally whales. From moss-laden forests to cobblestone beaches and coastal barrens this hike provides immense diversity.

Arriving at Taylor’s Head we are rewarded with a captivating view from the rugged peninsula which is continually pounded by wind and waves, making for great photo opportunities and an intense ocean vista. You’ll learn many interesting facts about the various ecosystems of the area and how the coastline was created. To end the day we get some rest and relaxation on a majestic white sand beach, so don’t forget your swimwear if you fancy a quick dip in the Atlantic!

What others have to say:

Highly Recommended – “My family had three day trips/hikes this week, including Lunenburg, Peggy’s Cove, and the Rugged Peninsula (Taylor Head Provincial Park). It was exactly what we were looking for during our stay in Nova Scotia. Our guides were timely, knowledgeable, personable and native to the area. We had small groups that toured the local area including small towns, historical sites, and great hikes through coastal areas that provide awesome views of the Atlantic Ocean, coves, and impressive landscape.”

Doug – Chicago, Illinois

Excellent Taylor Head Provincial Park hiking – “We were grateful for the opportunity to spend a few glorious hours hiking this beautiful provincial park. Everything (including the smoked fish snack and the luncheon spread that included hummus, vegetables, and fruit) was great. Ryan pointed out flora, fauna tracks, and suggested additional places we could hike in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, which we put on our bucket list. We will definitely contact him again when we return.”

Sandra – Spring, Texas

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  • Difficult Overall Difficulty
  • (8:30am-4:30pm) Tour Length
  • 11.0 Km Walking Distance

About Taylor's Head, Nova Scotia

The Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia is a scenic, yet sparsely settled area, hosting dozens of small fishing harbours and communities. This area was once home to a number of gold mining operations which brought the early settlers to this area after the first discovery of this valuable mineral. Today there are a growing number of cottages and recreational properties, given the number of unspoiled forests, inland lakes, sand beaches, and dramatic coastlines. The most dramatic being that of Taylor’s Head. This long stretch of land reaches far out into the Atlantic Ocean to a stunning headland where seals are regularly spotted swimming amongst the waves in search of food.

The Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia is a real jewel waiting to be explored. From the longest, sandiest beach to the best surfing on the east coast of Canada, this coastline boasts an extremely pristine and diverse environment.