Peggy’s Cove Rock Walk

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

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Home to a year-round population of a mere 37 people, this little fishing village is one of the most photographed places in Canada. There is no shortage of history and eerie tales about this rugged exposed cove. Over the years the people here have had their share of ups and downs, including the tragedy of Swiss Air 111, numerous shipwrecks, and living on the edge of the open Atlantic and its’ ever-changing weather patterns. This barren exposed landscape has created an iconic Nova Scotia scene with brightly colored houses and weathered fishing shacks that dot the coastline.

Join us as we venture through this barren landscape transformed some 12,000 years ago by glaciers. Hiking through the coastal barrens we will learn about the unique vegetation in this area and the wildlife that calls this stark landscape home. Many of the plants found here are usually located much further north in the tundra of Canada. This hike gives you a grand perspective of how the human settlement has utilized the reach resources of the sea and a seemingly untouched landscape which has seen few changes since the last ice age. Keep your camera handy as you never know when you may spot a whale or seals playing just off the coast here.

What other travelers have to say:

Peggy’s Cove hike – “Our informative and picturesque hike through the barrens to Peggy’s Cove (with a bonus stop at the Halifax Public Gardens) was perfect. Our guides were fun, knowledgeable and patient with an infectious love of Halifax and Nova Scotia.”

Tulsa, Oklahoma

A must in Halifax, combining hiking & sightseeing – “The scenery was very beautiful and Line introduced to us to the local flora and even made us tasting some edible plants and berries. The hiking was around 1 hour. For us, the hiking was the highlight of our tour, really enjoyed it.”

Andreas, Montreal Canada

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  • Moderate Overall Difficulty
  • (10:00am-4:00pm) Tour Length
  • 4.0 Km Walking Distance

About Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Legend has it that the name came from the sole survivor of a shipwreck at Halibut Rock which can be seen near the back end of the cove. Artist and resident William deGarthe said she was a young woman while others claim she was a little girl who was traumatized by the ordeal and could not remember her name and the family who adopted her called her Peggy, which was short for Margaret.

The cove is situated at the head of St. Margaret’s Bay, hence the given name to the young girl. In both versions, the young shipwreck survivor married a resident of the cove and became known as “Peggy of the Cove” attracting visitors from around the bay who eventually named the village, Peggy’s Cove. Every year many artists and photographers flock to Peggy’s Cove to experience this quaint little active fishing village and favourite tourist destination.