Once Upon A Tide

Kayak & Hiking, Nova Scotia

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Brace yourself for a day full of adventure. On this expedition, you get to experience Nova Scotia by land and sea. We spend the first half of the day on the waters off the beautiful village of Lower Prospect on the Atlantic Ocean. Kayaking along the coast we will explore many inlets and islands and maybe even get the chance to encounter some curious seals, whales, and flocks of seabirds. A great deal of the sea kayaking is done within a sheltered bay which makes it a great choice for beginners and novices alike. During our time on the water, we will learn about the settlement of the village as well as the fishing industry that provided a living for the Europeans who settled in this area and still does to this day. The unique surrounding landscape also played a huge role in the survival of our First Nations people who also took advantage of the natural resources and spent their summers at seasonal camps along this coast.

The second half of our adventure takes place hiking out onto an exposed coastal headland. Here we get a panoramic view of the vertical granite cliffs, stunted forests, coastal barrens, and clear blue waters. This little-known hike offers a great opportunity to experience the ruggedness of this barren and boulder-riddled coast (you don’t have to climb any boulders). Keep your eyes peeled for playful whales and seals off this remarkable rocky coast. We then make a stop at the quiet coastal community of Prospect to reflect on life by the sea.

What others have to say:

Two fabulous trips – “We went on both the Peggy’s Cove trip and the Kayak and Hiking Trip. Ryan and Mia were both very knowledgeable and helpful in every way. It was great to go off the beaten track and to experience Halifax from an insider’s perspective.”

Diane – Camana Bay, Grand Cayman

Personal, fun, educational, active – everything I wanted plus a double scoop of ice cream – “We kayaked on Prospect Bay, found a hidden beach, hiked along rocky cliffs, learned about local flora (wild lilies, pitcher plants, wild cranberries, crowberries), built an Inukshuk on Cannonball Beach, and had a picnic overlooking the bay. My kids and I recounted everything we did along the way – a memory of theirs and mine that we’ll share forever.”

Charles – Mobile, Alabama

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  • Moderate Overall Difficulty
  • (8:30am-4:30pm) Tour Length
  • 6.0 Km Walking Distance

About Kayak & Hiking, Nova Scotia

This place may very well be the most tranquil coastal village in all of Nova Scotia. Pleasure craft and fishing shacks remain still on a sheltered cove. Since 1754 residents of the area continue to enjoy the close connection with mother nature with their tiny village built on a rocky outlet, with an outstanding coastal view in every direction.

The Prospect coastal barrens were created between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago during the last ice age. This striking stark landscape contains some interesting flora which includes Wild Rhodora, Pitcher Plants, Sundew, Crowberries, Juniper Bush, Fiddle Head Ferns, Lady’s Slippers and Dragon’s Mouth.