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Down by the Bay

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Are you looking for a true Nova Scotia experience? Well this is just the tour for you. We venture to the Annapolis Valley region, where we will explore the coast of the world famous Bay of Fundy. Here we have the chance to see the world’s highest tides, flocks of seabirds and rugged sea cliffs.

If the tides play in our favor we will have the chance to walk on the ocean floor in search of precious rocks, sea shells and lost pirate treasure. We then end the day with a visit to the Gaspereau Winery for a taste of some of Nova Scotia’s finest wines, YUM.

  • Easy Overall Difficulty
  • 8 hours Tour Length
  • 2.0 km Walking Distance

About Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

The Annapolis Valley measures approximately 126 km in length from Digby and the Annapolis Basin in the west to Wolfville and the Minas Basin in the east. This is Nova Scotia’s premier agricultural center. Particularly famous for its apple crops, the valley hosts in excess of 1,000 farms of various types, the majority being relatively small family-owned operations and now vineyards; yes this is Nova Scotia wine country.

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, and those enormous tides alone make the Bay of Fundy one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. The height of the tide can reach an incredible 16 meters (53ft).Twice daily the Bay of Fundy fills and empties 100 billion tons of sea water during each tide cycle—that’s more than the flow of all the world’s freshwater rivers combined.