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Do you and your group have the thirst for adventure travel? Well, you're not alone! The Great Earth Expeditions team is made up of globetrotters who not only enjoy travel but passionately enjoy sharing the experience of travel with others.

We believe that travel can bridge gaps, eliminate stereotypes and help us understand and appreciate different cultures; besides isn't "variety" the spice of life? Travel done right can truly change a person's perspective of the world, broadening horizons and providing long-lasting learning and developing experiences - a brother/sisterhood if you would that brings us as people closer together! We don't pretend to be a budget tour operator, nor do we want to be, as we strive to provide only the best experiences possible! We believe in providing our treasured travelers with an authentic and unforgettable experience that will ultimately enrich your life; this is the very core of our values.

Since 2006, we have remained true to our vision: to provide private groups with active-based tour packages which showcase Nova Scotia's diversity in terms of both culture and the landscapes which shape the people who call it home. We use carefully selected local-owned accommodations, eateries, and operators to enhance the experience for our clients, giving them a chance to embrace a place through the eyes of the locals. This is travel done right, and travel done right is feeling free...

- The Great Earth Expeditions Team

Ryan Barry

Our team

Ryan Barry

President/Director of Operations

Ryan Barry is the president of the award-winning Great Earth Expeditions in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. As a young man, he had a dream of one day starting an adventure tour company and began this journey when only 26 years old. He has acquired his Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree and has years of experience teaching 1st-year tourism students at NSCC Akerley outdoor guiding and interpretation.

In the summer of 2016, he published a local top-seller travel guide titled “25 outdoor adventures in Halifax” and continues to write about travel around Atlantic Canada, which he believes is one of the best adventure destinations in all of Canada, having traveled from Coast to Coast of this great country. Having Scottish, Acadian, and Mi'kmaq roots, Ryan has nature embedded in his DNA. His love for the outdoors is infectious, and he has a real gift for storytelling and sharing the history that surrounds the people and places of Nova Scotia. Ryan also loves playing local music for clients around the campfire with acoustic guitar in hand complemented with some juicy harmonica riffs.

Staff snapshot

15 Years
Halifax, Nova Scotia
BA, Tourism MBA, Wilderness First Aid/CPR, Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills
NS Tourism Assc., Tour Writers Canada, Destination Halifax
Favorite Tour:
Cape Breton

About Great Earth Expeditions

Great Earth Expeditions is all about experiencing the great outdoors and embracing the various landscapes and cultures that make up this unique planet we all call home. Our active-based adventures of Nova Scotia and abroad are exciting, educational and informative.Your guides are there to share their knowledge of these spectacular places and ensure that each tour is a safe experience for all. 

We truly believe we provide among the very best outdoor experiences you will find in Canada. Over the years we have been honored to receive numerous international awards from highly recognized and respected travel organizations. We strive to provide our clients with an amazing travel experience so you can return home with great photos, a deeper appreciation for a place and long lasting memories.

"We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong" 

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Act now, as we are booking up for this season. Please contact us directly to inquire about your private group tour here in Canada's Ocean Playground - Nova Scotia. LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN!