“The view was beautiful: blue sea, with glittering patches of drift-ice, and straight ahead the mountains… sharp-pointed peaks with snow on their upper flanks, rather as if the top 4,000 feet of the Alps had been cut off and transplanted in the Arctic Ocean.”

– Sir Julian Huxley – 1970

Norway is an adventure traveller’s paradise. It is, by-far, the most mountainous, most scenic, and most prosperous Scandinavian country; arguably Europe’s as well. Great Earth Expeditions offers affordable, all-inclusive eco-tours of the best of Norway’s extraordinary Fjordland, the region located on the Southwest coast; generally centred-on Bergen, Hardangerfjord, Flåm, Sognefjord and its famous arm, the Nærøyfjord.

Norway is a land of intense natural beauty, sheer mountains and deep fjords carved and shaped by an ancient ice age. It is famed for these majestic fjords, which were formed when the glaciers receded and what remained are mile-high mountains, plunging straight into the ocean. It is also celebrated globally for its northern lights and the midnight sun. With its endless rivers and enormous waterfalls, cascading from magnificent peaks, Norway’s natural beauty almost defies belief.

Great Earth Expeditions offers travellers of all ages adventurous eco-touring of the magnificent Fjordland, including trekking to the Trolltunga; (the Troll’s Tongue) arguably Norway’s most spectacular hike, with a breathtaking ending. With over twenty national parks, Norway provides walkers and hikers a vast array of pristine natural wilderness.

Many of the multi-coloured towns and villages in the Fjordland region are famous for producing some of Norway’s greatest culinary treats; “Røkelaks” (smoked salmon), “Sild” (herring) and “geitost” (goat cheese)

*All our international tour packages are run in partnership with our industry partners which have been hand-selected based on providing superior service and authentic outdoor experiences for small groups of travelers. These packages showcase a countries diversity in terms of both culture and the landscapes which shape the people who call them home. Our partners use local-owned accommodations, eateries and operators to enhance the experience for you, giving you the chance to embrace a place from the eyes of
a local.

Dates & Tour Packages 2019

  • Moderate Overall Difficulty
  • 7-10 days Tour Length
  • 20-30km Walking Distance
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