“The creator made Italy from the designs by Michaelangelo.” 

– Mark Twain

Few countries in the world let alone Europe embrace life like the Italians do. It’s here in this Mediterranean country that family, faith, food and wine intertwine to complete the circle of “dolce vita” which means the sweet life. Travelers are welcomed with open arms and a visit to this beautiful country with its’ equally attractive people and food scene will have you falling in love with Italy over and over again.

Start your visit to Italy in Rome, which was once the superpower of Western Europe and home to the Colosseum; a place of deep and dark history where gladiators would battle in front of audiences up to 80,000 screaming spectators. It is the center piece of this historic city and the largest amphitheater ever built. Another ruins sight of great attraction is the city of Pompeii. Standing among the city frozen in time will give you chills as you imagine the chaos that must have occurred the very day over 2,000 years ago when Mt Vesuvius unleashed hell on earth which left the city buried under 10-20 ft of volcanic ash and matter. Remove yourself from the ruins and marvel at Venice where a city is built on over 100 islands, joined only by canals. A city with no roads, sounds to good to be true. Explore the “floating city” on the Adriatic Sea by foot or by gondola, a Venetian flat bottom water craft, operated by a single Gondoliere. The entire city’s architecture spreading a splash of red to this lagoon with their distinct red roofs.

Interested in hiking? Head to the Dolomites and be amazed at the jagged granite peaks that stand proud over rich valleys and dazzling wildflowers. Trek to the base of the three peaks of Lavaredo which may very well be the crown of Italy. Another region which deserves mention for hiking is the Amalfi Coast. This coastline is Italy’s most popular walking destination where the green coastal mountains touch down to the vibrant blue waters below where beach-goers and boaters enjoy sun filled days. The Cinque Terre trail follows the coast connecting 5 colorful seaside towns that cling effortless to the cliff side. The most photographed of these towns is Manarola. Try going there and not photographing this town yourself. It’s impossible!

The culinary scene in Italy is world renowned. Throughout the country wine, pizza and pasta reign supreme. However, don’t forget to cleanse the palette with a scoop or two of Gelato. For a truly remarkable culinary delight, try your hand at brodetto (fish stew) dish which will have you watering at the mouth. You’ll need something to wash that down with, how about a class of wine from the Chianti region? This is celebrated as the most recognized wine region in a country known for its’ fine wines.

Need any more reasons to visit Italy? Didn’t think so. Start living the Dolce Vita!


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  • Moderate Overall Difficulty
  • 1-14 Days Tour Length
  • 1-50 Km Walking Distance

About Italy

Official languages: Italian

*English is spoken throughout the country

Capital: Rome

Population: Just over 61.5 million

Currency: Euro

When to travel to Italy:

High Season (July – August)

Low Season (November – March)

Shoulder Season (April – June & September – October)