“May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.”

– Irish saying 

The emerald isle has won over the hearts of travelers for eons with it’s rolling hills, dramatic coastline and friendly people. The Irish are no strangers to having a good time, and you too can join in on the party which has changed little for generations. Grab yourself a pint of Guinness and make sure you tie your shoes tight as you might find yourself dancing well into the wee hours of the morning at an 800 year old Irish pub.

Throughout the country history is displayed in the form of ancient buildings, with possibly the most interesting being the Brú na Bóinne (Palace of the Boyne). A round white stone structure that predates the Pyramids by six centuries. Other must-see ancient dwellings are the Donegal, Kilkenny and Blarney Castle where you make your way to the top for sweeping views of the countryside and to kiss the Blarney Stone. It’s said you will never be lost for words after the kissing this historical stone. While in Cork try your hand at some scenic hikes including the Ardgroom – Pulleen loop and Old Head of Kinsale, both easy walks that offer classic Irish scenery and historical sites. The countryside of Ireland does not disappoint and many parts of the country are made for road trips. This is certainly evident in County Clare where you will find the iconic and impressive Cliffs of Moher who stand some 500 ft and stretch down the coastline for 14 km. In the south is arguably the most scenic of all driving routes in Ireland – the Ring of Kerry. This 179 km loop offers mountainous views, lakes, ocean and countless opportunities to stop for photos and explore historical towns, including Killarney with its’ many colorful homes, shops and pubs. Of course, you need to make your way to the Giant’s Causeway in northern Ireland to walk the nearly 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns. One of the countries greatest geological wonders.

With your share of tasteful sites under your belt, it’s time to head to Dublin and dive into the culinary scene of Ireland. Traditional meals are produced from recipes passed down through generations and known as comfort food. Meat and seafood based meals are fresh and served with potatoes and the Irish stew and shepherds pie are to die for! Look for soda bread being served with your meal for a real delicacy. While exploring Dublin one can’t help but be intrigued by the Guinness storehouse and the impressive Dublin Castle, one of the most iconic and important buildings to the Irish people and their history. No visit to Dublin would be complete without experiencing the Temple Bar, home to famous fresh tasty oysters, all day Irish music and one of the largest whiskey collections in the country with over 450 bottles of Irish, Scotch and Bourbon whiskey on hand. Time will seem to fly by at this historical pub as you stomp out song after song from local artists playing upbeat and heartfelt Irish tunes.

As they say in Ireland – “céad míle fáilte,” a hundred thousand welcomes.

When are you going to welcome the Irish with your presence?


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  • Moderate Overall Difficulty
  • 1-14 Days Tour Length
  • 1-50 Km Walking Distance

About Ireland

Official languages: Irish, English

*English is spoken throughout the country

Capital: Dublin

Population: Just over 4.8 million

Currency: Euro

When to travel to Ireland:

High Season (June – mid September)

Low Season (November – February)

Shoulder Season (March – June & mid September – mid October)