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"Glimpse Back In Time"
- McNab's Island Tour

McNab's Island, Halifax, Nova Scotia - Boating, Walking, History Tour

*This tour is by request only and intended for groups of 4 or more people. Please contact us for more information or inquiries regarding this tour.

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We will journey back hundreds of years when we finish our short boat ride from the Halifax waterfront and make our way onto the shores of McNab's Island. Home to a number of historical forts, this island situated at the mouth of the Halifax Harbour has a vast history that includes ghosts, treasure and even sea serpents.

Evidence has been uncovered that the Mi'kmaq people once used the island as their fishing grounds thousands of years ago. The island became a place to raise sheep and process fish after Peter McNab purchased the island and later the island became the cities entertainment capital when Bill Lynch started his carnival grounds on the North side of the island before moving it to the mainland and taking his show "on the road."

Trail Rating: A well maintained trail that was once used as a road for the military on the island. Trail consists of packed dirt and gravel with slight incline at times. A short portion is through the forest with some exposed rocks and roots.  


Tour Details:

Length: 5.0 km
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 4.5 hours
Price: $100.00/person (+Tax)*
Special Rates:

* Children (under 13): 25% off
* Students: Tax free
* Seniors (60+): Tax free

Tour Highlights:

* Fort McNab's
* Fort Ives
* Sherbrooke Tower
* Hangman's Beach

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*Price above includes: Transportation, lunch, and tour guide. This tour can be paid for by clicking the "Reserve This Tour Today!" button above. We accept Visa, Visa Debit & MasterCard for payments. This tour starts and ends in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This tour begins and ends on the Halifax waterfront.

Lunch includes: Various fruits, vegetables, breads, cheese, dips, pepperoni and smoked salmon (vegetarian & vegan friendly).

The 'Glimpse Back In Time' McNab's Island Tour Video:

About McNab's Island, Nova Scotia

McNab’s Island is about 5 km long and up to 1.5 km wide and is home to a variety of wildlife including fox, rabbit, deer and over 206 species of birds. McNab’s Island is located at the mouth of Halifax Harbour and was originally covered in forest, which the founders of Halifax were quick to exploit. Over the years, most of the island was cultivated and the wood lots harvested.

During the 1860’s the military purchased large sections of the island to establish a military presence and eventually construct 3 fortifications, Ives Point Battery, Fort McNab and Hugonin Battery to better defend Halifax. During WWI and WWII, the island was largely under military control.

Fort McNab's played a key role in Halifax’s defence against intruders by controlling the marine access into Halifax Harbour. Searchlights on McNabs Island patrolled the Harbour and submarine nets were laid between the island and mainland near present day Point Pleasant Park.




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