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"Bird's Eye View"
- Cape Split Tour

Cape Split, Nova Scotia - Hiking, Wildlife, Sightseeing Tour


You will need a good sturdy pair of hiking shoes for this tour. We cover a lot of ground on our way to the incredible sight of Cape Split, where the land has separated itself from the peninsula due to the forces of the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the world. Also on this tour we get the opportunity to see Cape Split from Baxter's Harbour across the Bay of Fundy. Don't forget to pack your camera as we will view the valley from up above where eagles are often seen soaring overhead. Blomidon offers great scenery where 300 foot red cliffs tower over a beautiful beach. 


Trail Rating: This is our longest hike of all the day tours we offer. Although the length maybe long the trail does not present much difficulty other then the occasional exposed root, wet patch and slight incline during the first portion of the hike.




Tour Details:

Length: 17.0 km
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 8 hours
Price: $125.00/person (+Tax)*
Special Rates:

* Children (under 13): 25% off
* Students: Tax free
* Seniors (60+): Tax free


Tour Highlights:

* Valley Look-off
* Cape Split

* Blomidon Provincial Park

* Bay of Fundy

*Price above includes: Transportation, lunch and tour guide. This tour can be paid for on the day of the tour in CASH or in advance by VISA, PayPal or MasterCard. This tour starts and ends in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We provide door-to-door transportation within downtown Halifax.

Lunch includes: Various fruits, vegetables, breads, cheese, dips, pepperoni and smoked salmon (vegetarian & vegan friendly).


The 'Bird's Eye View' Bay of Fundy Tour Schedule:


About Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia


Reaching far out into the waters of the Bay of Fundy lays a remarkable sight. Perched hundreds of feet above the world’s highest tides sits a grassy knoll at the top of Cape Split. From this vantage point one can witness the power of Mother Nature at her finest as 100 billion tons of water changes during the tide cycle.

The Mi’kMaq people once lived freely within this region. Their Indian god known as Glooscap was said to have lived on the top of the red sandstone cliffs of Cape Blomidon. Glooscap’s arch enemy “Beaver” was believed to have created an enormous dam across the Bay of Fundy which caused the tides to flood over the land. Glooscap struck down on the dam with a powerful bolt of lightning causing the land to split, now known as Cape Split. This allowed the water to flow freely through the Bay of Fundy into the Minas Basin and creating the world’s highest tides and leaving behind a beautiful valley with rich red soil and green pastures.







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